It’s exhilarating to think how easily through modern technology, with a few key strokes we can access millions of other people around the world. While I have been privileged to work in over 70 countries I may not have visited you personally. But by coming to this site you are visiting me. Amazing!

I’m sorry I may not yet know you personally and therefore we are still strangers. But by your visit we may start the journey toward friendship. Remember, strangers are only friends who have yet to meet.

Welcome to my site. May we both enjoy your visit.


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5 responses to “Welcome

  1. John Sands

    Excellent upo front impression Stuart. Are you really regularly checking Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc?? A multi channeled trip to despair I reckon.

    John S

  2. Kumar abraham

    Hi Stuart,
    Congratulations on this start. You made it to the big boys world. May God use this.


  3. pastormarklim

    Hello Stuart, in addition to the coffee times when you are in town, I can now also meet you on your site in cyberspace. MarkLim

  4. Sharyn Ogden

    Well hey there Stuart, about time you moved into this century. Looking forward to being part of your site.

  5. Ruth

    Dear Stuart, good to know that you have your own blog.. congrats.. was great and surely a great honour to meet you last year in brazil 😉 God bless you, best regards, Ruth

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