A week ago, my son Kynan finally managed to persuade me to provide a little material so he could construct and put up a web site on my behalf. Then, after that was successfully launched, he informed me I now have to feed this monster.
I am struggling to enter the twentieth century. Should I live long enough I might even reach the degree of competency which could qualify me to be admitted to the twenty-first century. In the “good old days” some people considered me to be a “leader”. Now, at least in technological terms, I don’t even qualify to be classified as having reached nappy status. I am typical of my generation.
Two weeks ago my wife and I suddenly discovered that our television screen was reduced to showing us only four of the available free- to- air channels. We pressed every button on the remote control which was available. No improvement. Mind you, it wasn’t much of a loss because we never watch any of the commercial channels except when the Australian tennis championships are on. But I was miffed.   baby with computer
For two weeks I fumed at that wretched TV screen till my son- in- law Rob turned up. He’s our in- house fixer of anything electronic. He tried for a few minutes but without success. Fortunately his son Obed was also present, head buried in some mini electronic gadget as usual. So my grandson was summoned to assist.
 Bingo! Opening a panel in the set I didn’t even know existed, in two and a half seconds he had the problem solved. I wasn’t too upset because we’ve only had this TV set for two years, so we can’t be expected to know everything about it. But I did think, so much for my leadership of my generation. Already I am passed by my grandson and cast aside as a useless relic of a previous era.
But how might one identify a real leader as compared to those whizz kids that have mastered all the technology that continuously bedazzles us?  Here is a little acrostic that I have found helpful to remind me of what real leaders might look like.
Leaders:  Model the way forward
                Inspire vision
                Challenge processes
                Enable others to act
                Encourage the heart
A leader who fulfils this MICEE role will never be mistaken for a rat. Like the Pied Piper, these sorts of leaders attract many followers irrespective of technological competence or incompetence.

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