Audio and Video Resources

In this page we will be uploading audio and video files of some of Stuart’s most powerful and popular messages preached on a variety of topical issues. These files will be made available to you as a free download.Stuart preaching 3

These first two messages available to you are part of a series entitled The Journey preached at Crossway Baptist Church In 2013.

The series explores how to begin well, travel well and end well in our faith journey.

4 responses to “Audio and Video Resources

  1. Where are the freebies????

  2. What a amazing way to connect, Stuart…!!!
    Very nice pics, my esteemed friend!

    – Edmund Chan

  3. Lois Cronin

    looking forward to the completion!

  4. Dave Lovell

    Thanks Stuart. Enjoyed looking around. We appreciate the resource you’re developing

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