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Islam’s Enemy


Arabic newspaper, al Insan al Jadid called him Islam’s Public Enemy #1. Not to be outdone, an Islamist website reportedly declared him to be one of the most wanted infidels in the world. To reinforce the point they put a $60million bounty on his head!

In 2009 calls were made to strip him of his Egyptian citizenship. A court case was lodged in an attempt to compel the Egyptian Government to request Interpol to arrest and deliver him to Egyptian authorities. He is probably the most widely loved and hated person across the Middle East and wherever Arabic is spoken in North America, Australia and elsewhere. He is certainly the most watched, because of his daily TV satellite broadcasts into Islam’s heartlands.

Although World Magazine gave him their “Daniel of the Year” award in 2008 in acknowledging his bravery in the face of constant violent threats, he remains largely unknown in the West. In part to redress our ignorance he was to make his first public appearance in continental Europe to deliver a lecture in Vienna in 2010. Muslim threats of violence compelled the meeting to be cancelled. In 2012 he received more media attention in the West when it was falsely claimed he was associated with the film “Innocence of Muslims”. This film provoked violent reactions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

When his satellite broadcasts ceased in July 2010 there was relief in some quarters. But in November 2011 transmission was recommenced on Al Fady Channel.

Why are Muslim leaders so upset with this man?

Why do they decline to debate with him?

Why do they want him dead?

He says that Truth should be freely available to all. Toward that end he challenges Muslims to discover the truth of Islam, to re-examine their long held assumptions and make their own decisions unfettered from external influence and control. He does this effectively through his lifelong study of Arabic language and Islam’s authoritative texts and commentaries and by comparing these with Truth as it is revealed especially through Jesus and the Bible.

When through internet communication enquirers feel safely freed from censorship control and fear imposed by Islamic authorities and uncontrollable mobs who may attack anyone questioning or criticising tenets of Islam, the results are staggering.

Television behemoth, al Jazeera, reportedly aired a segment about this troublesome preacher in which it was claimed that he was making an “unprecedented evangelical raid on the Muslim world.” Muslim cleric Ahmal al Qatari is reported as saying that 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity annually many being persuaded by this man.

Only after he turned 70 years of age was he permitted to retire from the Priesthood of the Coptic Orthodox Church to commence full time his unique outreach to Muslims.

Today he is almost 80. He says,”There is no fear in my dictionary. I am determined to see people freed from the grasp of the evil one and converted to the freedom of Jesus Christ.”zakaria

God continues using his ministry to multiply viewers and new believers in Jesus from the world of Islam.

His name is Zakaria Botross. You can learn about his amazing life and ministry in the book Defying Death written by myself with Peter Botross, published by City Harvest.


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