Making Jesus’ Last Command our First Priority

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As a percentage of world population Christianity peaked in 1914 at 34%. Since then it has been slowly decreasing because the church in the West is dying. The western Church has better facilities than ever before. It uses the most up to date technology to broadcast its message. It has the most educated clergy. Still its relentless decline has neither been halted nor reversed.

 Last century’s phenomena of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements moved deck chairs on the ship as it continued to sink. We are sleep walking into oblivion unless there is a dramatic change. If current trends continue, later this century Islam will become the world’s number one religion. Then the church may be assisted to die even more rapidly.

How have things come to this? We have overlooked the simplicity, adaptability and flexibility of the most basic thing Jesus asked us to do.

In recent years Dave Lawton launched a movement implementing the principles and practices found in this book. It now spans the world growing rapidly. He says, “If ever we needed a book like this it is now. This is not a feel good, self help book. However if you…. want to change the world, read this book.”

 Having read it, do what it says—to the ends of this earth. Then comes a wholly different end.



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A young American woman married a handsome young Muslim man. They enjoyed a delightful extended honeymoon until they arrived in his homeland. Suddenly the dream became a nightmare. Why?

All political parties of Western democracies and various feminist movements within those countries stress equality between the sexes. But none, if any officially mentions what happens to females in the Muslim world. Why?

The United Nations’ Charter declares freedom and human rights for all but agrees to elect Saudi Arabia as the chair of their Human Rights Commission where it and other Muslim governments deny the very concept of Human Rights. Why?

The Hidden Half—Women and Islam shines a light into dark and deliberately neglected areas and answers why these things happen and what may be a response.

This book opens a window into Islam’s treatment of women. It is an essential resource for everyone concerned about human rights in our globally connected world. Dr Mark Durie – Quranic Theology scholar

This book’s objective and scientific tone will help to alleviate a major human and social issue. Robinson investigates in-depth this most important problem, the


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Travelling Through Troubled Times – Released from Fear through Faith with Habakkuk

Today we face a range of global problems which together threaten life as we know it, if not our very existence. This excellent study transports readers into the life and times of the prophet Habukkuk. He faced the certainty of his nation’s violent destruction. The message God gave to him speaks powerfully to us in our troubled times.

“This is a timely work and an essential study for every Christian in the West.” Brigadier Jim Wallace AM – Managing Director, Australian Christian Lobby 

“Here is an uncompromising exposition of Habakkuk by one of Australia’s leading preachers and missiologists.  A must read for every pastor and disciple of Christ who want to handle and proclaim God’s Word in truth and with authority.” Rev Geoff Holdway, Former Senior Pastor – Garden City Christian Church, Brisbane, Australia

“The burdens of the prophet Habakkuk are our burdens and this book makes clear that God has not left us on our own.” Rev Dr David Claydon, Senior Advisor, Lausanne Movement, Sydney, Australia

“Biblical, personal, contemporary, confronting, these are just four words that come readily to mind to describe Stuart Robinson’s superb commentary on the book of Habakkuk. ” Rev Alan Webb, former Australian National Director, OMF Australia


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Islam Rising

Secular political leaders and media minders have marginalized religion unless it serves their professional interests. Historical memory hardly extends beyond yesterday’s sound bites or delves deeper than the flutter of social media comment.

This book summarizes elements of how enduring turmoil in the Middle East has arisen and some implications for the rest of the world.

“With typical careful background investigation and insightful analysis, Robinson clarifies about Islamic Sate what some are too afraid to admit. A book to be thoroughly recommended.” Dr Bernie Power. Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Melbourne School of Theology,


mosques and miracles

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Mosques and Miracles

The Islamic challenge to the church, if not western society, is no longer something in the far distance that can be ignored. It is in all our cities and neighbourhoods – now. Islam and Christianity are on a pathway of confrontation. In Mosques and Miracles Robinson exhorts the church to wake up before it is too late. Vast stirring movements are underway that could change the face of the world during the next 50 years.

“No-one has helped us see islam for what it really is more than Stuart Robinson in this revealing book.” C Peter Wagner –  Wagner Leadership Institute, USA

” I have read many books on this vital subject, but this was the best” J. David Pawson, England


defying faith

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Defying Death

Zakaria Botross – Apostle to Islam

Silenced by the church for years for rediscovering and preaching ancient truths, jailed for ministering to Muslims, exiled from Egypt to Australia, establishing a phenomenal church in England, freed to unleash his life long vision at 70, words can hardly describe the amazing life of Zakaria Botross.

“Stuart Robinson has done a valuable service to the Christian church in bringing the life of this extraordinary christian to our attention. Read it and imagine what might happen to you church, your city even your nation should God find the availability of a Zakaria Botross in us.” Dr. Allan Meyer – Careforce Church Melbourne, Australia



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The Challenge Of Islam

The last three decades has seen an unprecedented resurgence of Islam affecting every continent of the world. Preoccupied Christian leaders in the West have mostly not understood what is happening in their own countries. This book helps busy people to grasp the realities which we must face and outlines a way to respond.

“There are few people anywhere with the encyclopaedic grasp and in depth understanding of Islam as Stuart Robinson. Here is a clarion call and warning which all concerned for Christian truth and mission must heed and act on.”

Michael Cassidy, Founder African Enterprise, South Africa.


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The Promise Of Vision

Causing Supernatural Growth

This book is about vision, what it is, how we get it, what place it plays and how to implement it. It is a missing component in many Christian activities. May God reveal his vision for his work through you – as you read and continue to wait upon him.

” The Promise of Vision is a spiritual catalyst, ready and waiting to set off faith explosions in believers. This book offers hope and an unforgettable challenge” Rev Dr Mark Durie – Senior Minister, St Mary’s Anglican Church, Melbourne


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The Prayer Of Obedience

Causing Supernatural Growth

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate from the Bible and history that whenever the principles of prayer and obedience are invoked amazing church growth occurs. To pray and obey are absolutely foundational, nothing of consequence will happen without them.

“This is THE book for whole churches to be reading…I can personally endorse the integrity of this compelling call to prevailing prayer worldwide.” Rev Richard Bewes O.B.E  – All Souls Church, London.

I have never seen a book on prayer that is so concise, clearly written, uplifting and inspirational. Stuart Robinson imparts the joy of the Lord!” Dr. C. Peter Wagner – Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute.

E Books are coming soon and will be easily available from Stuart’s publisher website –

These are in all formats including Kindle and Ibooks

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